Meme Contest Winners

Thank you SO much to everyone who participated in our meme contest!
Because of the number of submissions it took a while for us to determine which we thought would win!

This was a very fun experience for both Crypto Chimp and I.
We recieved so many amazing memes as well as a bunch of amazing art!

The Winners:
1st Place ($750):

2nd Place ($500):

3rd Place ($250) :

Congratulations to the Winners.

Your Meme didn’t make it into Top 3?
Don’t worry, because of the community involvement we received we are going to be doing another community contest!

We are going to be hosting a digital art contest since we received SO many amazing pieces of art! If you specialize in digital art this is the contest for you! We will be featuring the winner on our website!

First place: $500
Second place: $100
Third place: $50

Congratulations once again to all the Winners. Rewards will be paid to winners in 24 hours after Collecting their Addresses.

We will bring even more contests in the future stay updated with our social platforms!

Bee Happy!

Telegram Group:



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